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Office Policies and Procedures


Office Policies and Procedures

Parking – Parking at our Huntsville office is located in the rear of the building. There is ample parking on all sides of the Madison office.

Office Hours – The Huntsville office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. The Madison office hours are limited to Monday, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Appointments – Office visits are scheduled in advance by calling (256) 880-4510. *Appointments booked online are requests only, an office staff member will contact you to confirm a time and date for a consultation. 

Outpatient Procedures – Some small procedures are performed in the office. However, the majority of surgeries are performed at any of the two local hospitals, the Madison Surgery Center and the Huntsville Surgery Center.

Hospitalization – The surgeons admit patients to all Huntsville area hospitals.

Emergencies – The office provides 24 hour a day emergency service. If you have an emergency, always call the office number (256-880-4510) immediately. Our office staff will assist you in reaching a surgeon. When a call comes in after hours or on the weekend, there is an emergency number given on the voice mail recording. Please call that number (256-518-0360) and leave a numeric telephone number at the tone. Messages left without a phone number cannot be returned. The surgeon who is on call will return your call shortly. If your message is not returned within a reasonable time, please call and leave your message again. If you need emergency care, one of our surgeons will arrange to meet you at the most appropriate place. In a dire emergency, do not hesitate to go to the nearest Emergency Room. For established patients with a medical question, please call our nurse at (256) 880-4514 during normal office hours.

On-call Physicians – When your surgeon is away from the practice, arrangements will be in place to have another of our surgeons available to provide any needed services. Our office staff and/or voice mail (paging system) will be able to contact these physicians when needed.

Canceled Appointments – If you need to cancel an appointment, please call 24 hours in advance.

Prescription Refills – Please remember to obtain prescriptions from your surgeon at the time of your office visit. We greatly appreciate the reduction in time and paper work this represents. OFFICE POLICY IS NOT TO REFILL PRESCRIPTIONS AFTER OFFICE HOURS OR ON WEEKENDS. Because of medical and legal considerations, we can refill prescriptions during office hours only. This strict policy allows us to maintain accurate records and avoid inappropriate refills. If you will be running out of your medication prior to your next scheduled office visit, have your pharmacist call in the prescription request. Allow at least 24 hours turnaround.

Financial Policy – To keep the cost of our professional services down, we are obliged to request payment at the time of service. We accept payment by check, cash and credit cards. The only exception to this payment policy is when we have a contract with your insurance company which requires our office to submit all billing and accept assignment of benefits. Copayments will be collected at the time of the office visit unless previous arrangements have been made. We charge a fee of $20.00, which must be paid in advance, for each disability, medical leave, financial statement or FMLA form that we are asked to complete. The turn around time for completing these forms is 24 to 48 hours. Disability forms cannot be completed until the day of the surgery to ensure that the information being submitted is correct.

Billing Policy – Our insurance and billing office is located off-site. They are prepared to assist you with the task of filing medical insurance claims. A superbill is provided for all services received. It will contain all the necessary information to allow your insurance carrier to reimburse you for all covered benefits. This does not relieve you of the responsibility of paying for services at the time of your visit. Our insurance and billing office is prepared to answer insurance questions that arise with regard to the services we provide through our office. Please feel free to discuss your individual policy with our business office.


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