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Hernia Summit - 2023

I had the good fortune to attend the 2023 edition of the Hernia Surgery Summit ( which is an annual conference with world-renown faculty discussing all things that are hernia related.  This ranges from the latest trends and exciting innovations in hernia repair to thorough review of the most established treatments highlighting their proven outcomes.  Each year this meeting assembles some of the foremost hernia surgeons from around the world, creating an educational event that allows the international surgical community to share best practices with each other both in the conference center and on the slopes.  Several of my colleagues compiled some key points that were reviewed:

In the next months, I will be able to share further educational material regarding hernias and hernia surgery with insights from expert hernia surgeons from around the world.



Sabrina Drexel, MD, FACS                    Lucian Panait, MD, MBA                  Hector A. Valenzuela Alpuche           Ray Sheppard Jr, MD

Northwest Hernia Center                    Minnesota Hernia Center                Dr. Hernia                                             Dr. Ray Sheppard Jr



Dr. Ray Sheppard Jr. Dr. Sheppard has been practicing general surgery for over two decades. He is a leader in robotic and advanced laparoscopic surgery. He has special interests in gallbladder surgery, hernia surgery, and breast cancer surgery. He also perform surgery to remove masses and skin cancers as well as to implant vascular access devices.

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